Social Media Optimisation

We know where to find your customers. So, like Mohamet, we go to the mountain. Social media platforms like Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google plus, etc. are the places where people come regularly and spend time to view, like, share and upload content. They socialize there. Creating and maintaining your (friendly) presence on different social media platforms, generating likes and shares, reaching your content to maximum number of people, inducing interactivity – all this needs great effort and smart, hard work. A great content mix forms the core of an effective social media plan, we make sure that each post or tweet on your brand page is written in your signature brand style. We also create guidelines for photography so that you can have a ready image bank.

Our team of young enthusiastic experts that understands how social media platforms and their algorithms works, helps you bring many people on your social media page or account by uploading quality content on a regular basis, get them to interact with each other, create communities with a common interest, and thus create and maintain awareness of your brand on social media. We research your products and services and competitors, locate your target audiences, create content architecture for the whole month and upload and optimize content accordingly. We also generate reports of the performance of your social media activities, help you build a dashboard to track customer sentiment and key metrics, and create relevant strategies and plans for the next month or quarter.

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